Planned and realized events
Preparation phase
2022 /2-12
A group of analysts and thought leaders created a basic plan for LiveDiff structure and its functionalities. We established the company and found first investors, advisors and collaborators.
Web1 release
2023 /Q1
Accepting new global partners, finishing the first round of share sale for partners. Preparing tokenomics and analysis for its development. Starting the onboarding of advisors from different communities.
2023 /Q2
Starting tokenomics development, finishing legal analysis. Starting the website version 2.0 development with co-founders token and referral system, no other interactive
functionalities yet. Starting the second round of share sale for private equity investors.
Web2 release
2023 /Q3
Token presale and the website version 2.0 launch. Admin team for the onboarding of interesting people starts working. Starting app development and the website version
2.0 development. Onboarding agents and
LiveDiff supporters on LiveDiff movement
starting database. Starting the first public round of shares sale with NFT.
Apps development phase
2023 /Q4
Finishing apps and website 3.0 with interactive functionalities. Starting marketing and communication campaigns. Admin team growths. Starting the second public round of share sale with NFT.
Web3 release
Testing and finishing the platform. Registering the LiveDiff applications on the marketplace (Android and iOS). Starting the last round of public share sale with NFT.