LiveDiff Co-Founders are the backbone of our movement. Their passion, dedication, and hard work are what keeps us going. Every day, they spread the word about our cause, inspire others to join us, and take action to make a difference.
Martin Carev, MBA
A successful Czech influencer, who has gained over 1+ million followers on his social media platforms and traveled to over 60 countries. Martin has used his experience in the field of social media to build multiple platforms and businesses.
Mgr. Carla Granados Moya
Historian and anthropologist

Historian and anthropologist specializing in security and defense issues, dedicated to the study of social memory linked to armed conflicts. Expert in strategic communication and participatory processes for natural hazard disaster risk reduction, Director of Communications at Georespect.

David Rajmon, PhD
Geologist and scientist
Consulting geologist, musician and outdoor lover. He started his career in the area of space exploration and later shifted to petroleum exploration. He was trained in geology at the Charles Univ. in Prague and the Univ. of Houston.
Michal Rajchl, PhD.
Sedimentologist and geomorphologist with applied projects in Latin America, Africa and Europe. Former educator at Charles University in Prague, and at the moment a scientific director of GEORESPECT and a researcher at the Geophysical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic.